That Christmas card round robin letter

Merry Christmas [insert name here]!

What a year 2013 has been. I sometimes feel as if we’ve barely had time to catch our breath sometimes!

That’s particularly true of our dear old dog Flossie, who died this year after a long battle with Cancer. But I’m pleased to say that Cancer is still alive and well, and that our dogged (!) campaigning against putting Slovak terror hounds on the dangerous dogs register continues.

dangerous dogs

Aren’t they just adorable!

The year started with a bit of a bang (literally!), when Gavin pranged his new Mini. Fortunately he was fine, apart from a few bumps and scrapes. The silly boy wasn’t insured of course, but we’re so rich the officers soon saw sense, and Gavin simply went out the next day and bought a new Lexus. What a scamp!

His new job at the hedge fund is going well – he tells us the Serious Fraud Office are very interested in his work, so a career change to government may not be too far away.

Marie is in her second year of studying hard at university, and ‘going steady’ with her new boyfriend Juan. She tells me that they have recently ‘broken the toilet barrier’, whatever that means! She’s really not looked back since changing her course from Art History to Textile and Pelmet Studies, and has apparently even found the time to strike up a close friendship with her tutor Mr Haireesachs. Certainly her grades this year have been very impressive!

We were delighted when Grampa Terry moved in with us in July. We’ve taken him to a lot of very nice residential homes since, but he keeps finding his way back! He still lives in the shed, and has been very enterprising in his use of garden implements to track and capture the local birds. He has decided to fight his legal action brought by the RSPB, and his JustGiving page is here if you’d like to contribute.

merry christmas grampa

Grampa says Merry Christmas!

John has been very busy on the kitchen, which we’ve had re-done this autumn (at great expense!). He had the wonderful idea to paint it with the samples of every available Farrow and Ball paint, and the effect is truly mesmerising!  He also does much of the cooking these days too, bless him, because my unexplained migraines have started coming on again.

Happy Christmas!


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