The 20th Century in Mr Men

1900s: Mr Slow

Mr Slow

In my mind, Mr Slow sounds like a benign Brian Blessed.

1910s: Mr Uppity

Mr Uppity

Mr Uppity’s poo-like complexion and shape played a large part in shaping my class consciousness that is now difficult to explain.

1920s: Mr Skinny

Mr Skinny

The Great Depression was a tough time for a lot of families, but people back then knew that a stylish red hat was a reasonable substitute for many basic food groups.

1930s: Mr Fussy

Mr Fussy

Herr Fussy couldn’t help but tidy up some of those ragged European borders and inconvenient minority groups, the scamp.

1940s: Mr Brave

Mr Brave

‘Never have so many owed so much to someone with such a silly hat.’

1950s: Mr Happy

Mr Happy

Mr Happy had dinner on the table waiting for him, kids that didn’t answer back and all the asbestos he could eat.

1960s: Mr Daydream

Mr Daydream

It was a crazy time, maaann.

1970s: Mr Silly

Mr Silly

The shoes. The brownness. The ridiculous hat. No Mr Man is more of his time than Mr Silly.

1980s: Mr Wrong

Mr Wrong

Rocking the Culture Club look here. I’m sorry to say there was never a Mr Mullet.

1990s: Mr Oizo

Mr Oizo

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